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        COMPANY PROFILE Sunwing Energy Ltd. (孙荣) is an oil and gas producer co-founded by Robert Friedland and Patrick Chua in 1994. Sunwing has two primary corporate objectives: 1) to bring in capital for low risk oil and gas development projects in China and 2) to use proven and existing western technology and management skills to operate in 中国1971。 In August 1996, Sunwing signed a petroleum contract (产品 sharing contract [PSC] with China National Petroleum Corporation (中国1971石油汽油小集团公司) to develop a portion of the Daqing Zhaozhou 石油矿床。 CNPC has since assigned its interest to its subsidiary, PetroChina Company Limited (PetroChina). This PSC allowed Sunwing to exploit an 8,100英亩 block of the Zhaozhou Oilfield, 60 miles southeast of Daqing in the Province of Heilongjiang in northeastern 中国1971。 Sunwing successfully completed a five-well pilot project in 1998 and obtained all regulatory approvals for its Overall Development Program (ODP) in 2001. In January 2002, following a portfolio review, Sunwing divested its majority interest in this PSC and currently holds a royalty 兴味。 In September 1997, Sunwing’s wholly owned subsidiary, Pan-China Resources Ltd. (Pan-China), signed a Kongnan PSC with CNPC to develop six blocks covering over 22,400 acres in the Dagang Oilfield in the Hebei 省。 Drilling and production testing of 82 exploration wells and seismic surveys by the Dagang Oilfield Group indicate an original oil-in-place of over 400 million barrels of 32 degree API crude within the Kongnan 障碍。 Pan-China has successfully completed a pilot project and is entering the development phase following the submission of an 奥德普。 The pilot program involved the workover of five of the 26 wells that produced oil intermittently when Pan-China took over this project, as well as the drilling and production testing of five new 威尔斯。 In this pilot program, Pan-China experienced significant success in increasing production through new drilling, as well as re-completion of older wells by over 300% of similar offsetting 威尔斯。 The ODP was initially approved by PetroChina and was subsequently submitted to the National Development & Planning Commission (资格从头重复) for 授权。 Full-scale development of this area commenced in 2003. On June 22, 1999, Sunwing completed its merger with Black Sea Energy Ltd. and created a new global entity: Ivanhoe Energy Inc. (伊万豪) 能源) Ivanhoe Energy has integrated the operations of the two predecessor companies into a unified organization that concentrates on significant oil and gas interests in California and Texas of the USA, China, Africa and the Middle East. While Sunwing has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Ivanhoe Energy, it remains active in China carrying on its business under the name of “Sunwing”. On April 3, 2000, Sunwing signed a Cooperation Agreement on a Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Project Study with Chongqing Municipality, Southwest Oil & Gas Branch of PetroChina and a Consortium Group of Japanese Companies in the use of the revolutionary advanced technology to utilize and develop the Chinese inland natural gas 资源。 In May 2000, Sunwing’s parent company – Ivanhoe Energy secured a licence to use Syntroleum Corporation’s proprietary, gas-to-liquids process in commercial-scale plants to convert natural gas into synthetic oil and transportation 食物。 While Ivanhoe Energy is pursuing a definitive agreement with Qatar government for an unprecedented large scale GTL project, Sunwing will continue reviewing opportunities that this revolutionary technology can be applied economically in 中国1971。 On March 29, 2001, Sunwing signed two Joint Study Agreements (JSA’s) with PetroChina, which give Sunwing the exclusive right to negotiate petroleum contracts with PetroChina to develop and exploit the oil and gas reserves in three key blocks, Zitongxi, Zitongdong and Yudong, in the Sichuan Basin, China’s largest 产气 地面。 The blocks cover more than 1.9 million acres in the province of Sichuan and in the municipality of Chongqing, approximately 930 miles southwest of 现在称Beijing。 PetroChina has drilled 39 wells on the three blocks with 26 of these wells tested 加油。 PetroChina has only production tested 8 of the estimated 38 hydrocarbon bearing structures located on these 障碍。 The entire Sichuan basin contains an estimated 245 TCF of gas, and annual production is approximately 270 密克罗尼西亚联邦。 The preliminary joint evaluation of these blocks was completed in January 2003 by Sunwing and Petro中国1971。 The study indicated that the blocks contain at least 11 TCF of gas-in-place. On September 19, 2002, Sunwing, through its wholly owned subsidiary Sunwing Zitong Energy, signed a 30-year PSC with CNPC for the exploration, development and production in the Zitong Blocks (包含 both Zitongxi and Zitongdong). In October 2002, CITIC Energy (a wholly owned subsidiary of China International Trust and Investment 公司) signed an agreement with Sunwing to pursue oil and gas interests in China and 在国际上。 CITIC Energy’s first entry was joining Sunwing in the Yudong 让。 It is anticipated that CITIC Energy will be a 20% shareholder of Sunwing initially; although CITIC Energy plans to ultimately own 50% of 太阳翼。 In March 2004, through its wholly owned subsidiary, CITIC farmed-in 40 % of the Kongnan PSC公司。 This is CITIC’s first attempt to participate in an oil development 文章。 In December 2005, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. of Japan joined into Zitong exploration project by farming in 10% of 发包人 interest for the Zitong Block in China’s Sichuan 平底锅。 Through several years of operations in China, Sunwing has become very familiar with the petroleum, legal, cultural and operational environments in China, and has established a strong business network as 好。 Sunwing Energy has become a unique strategic investment vehicle for institutional investors who desire exposure to this vital 机关。 公司简介 攀华能源股票有限公司(以下略号攀华能源)是弹劾公司的全资分店,皇家能源股票有限公司(Royal Energy Co.,Ltd.)由罗伯特E确立或使安全 弗里德兰和蔡金锵行医于一九九四年协同兴办的一家石油与汽油找矿发达公司。 安排王朝能源文件的两大作用:(一)引进资产在我国扩张低风险油气发达;(二)应用外部老练的技术和并购灵巧在中国1971扩张事情。。 一九九六年八月,王朝能源与中国1971石油汽油小集团公司(照明灯油小集团)订约了发达大庆肇石油矿床发生区块的石油和约(放弃堕入和约)。 后头照明灯油小集团将其合法权利让予其分店中国1971石油汽油股票股票有限公司(中国1971石油)。 该和约容许王朝能源勋绩肇庆市石油矿床内每一面积为八千英亩的区块。 肇庆市石油矿床位置黑龙江省大庆市西北60英里处。。 帝国能源公司成遵守了任一关涉五的资格的实验单位文章,总体研制一块地已获内阁各有关机关授权。。 2002年1月,公司资产重组后,帝国能源让了最重要的优越性和约合法权利,眼前设想。 一九九七年菊月,王朝能源的全资分店泛华能源股票有限公司(泛华能源)与照明灯油小集团就发达大港石油矿床内面积为二万二千四百英亩的六点区块订约了孔南文章放弃堕入和约,石油矿床位置河北省。 粉底大港石油矿床大变动考察及探矿与产品实施, 孔南区块的地质推迟为四亿余桶API32重度的原油。 攀花公司已十分顺利遵守中试任务,针对总体发达一块地后,将进入发达阶段。 该文章的前辈性实验包含修理任务眼前二十六口空的产品井做成某事五口及钻五口新井并停止试采。 修老井钻新井,这时王朝产品的能源是,这很异乎寻常的。。 总体开展项目已获中石油授权,随后,将向资格研制一块地委员会发言。 该地面的片面发达任务估计在接到资格计委的授权后于二零零三年开端。 1999年6月22日,王朝能源与黑海能源股票有限公司兼并结合了新的多国公司——艾芬豪能源股票有限公司(艾芬豪能源)。 艾芬豪能源将两家公司的事情集合起来,关怀加州和高级房舱、中国1971、非洲的和中东含油气地面的发达。 虽然王朝能源已变为艾芬豪能源的全资分店,她仍以帝国能源的名轻快的在中国1971。 二零零零年四月三日,王朝能源与重庆市内阁、中国1971石油西北油气田子公司和日本伴侣套餐订约了任一汽油分解油(GTL)文章仔细考虑同事协定,采取革命精神的办法、无效应用和开展我国inl的先进技术。 2000年5月,王朝能源的总公司——艾芬豪能源取慢着美国分解油公司()分解油技术的专利权增长,作用是将汽油转变为分解油的技术。艾芬豪能源正就任一史无前例的巨型汽油分解油文章与卡塔尔内阁洽淡同事协定,其间,帝国能源公司将持续评价交换敷用药的时机。 2001年3月29日,帝国能源与中石油签字两项支持者仔细考虑协定。 这两项协定赠送王朝让石油和约的专有权。,发达中国1971最大的汽油产区三大区块、梓潼东部、重庆东部油气资源。 这三个方格位置四川省和重庆市,大概9个,总面积超越190万英亩。 中石油已在这三个区块钻了39口井。,执政的26口是气陷。 中国1971石油在38个含油气排列中只产品了8个排列。。 总数四川平底锅的汽油推迟约为245万亿立方尺。,眼前年放弃约2700亿立方公尺。 帝国能源与中石油在J遵守初步支持者评价。 评价显示,三个区块的汽油推迟超越11万亿立方铁。 二零零二年菊月十九日,王朝能源发生其全资分店泛华能源与照明灯油小集团订约了涉及梓潼区块(包含梓潼西和梓潼东)找矿、一份音长30年的发达和产品产出堕入和约。 2002年10月,中国大饭店授予公司能源(中国1971国际授予公司的全资分店,手拉手开展中国1971及全球石油汽油事情。 中国大饭店授予公司能源与帝国能源的同事将从。 中国大饭店授予公司能源文章终极设想帝国能源50%的股票、最初的估计有20%。 二零零四年进展中国大饭店授予公司小集团发生其全资分店里格孔南放弃堕入文章,其合法权利商数为40%。 这同样中国大饭店授予公司小集团最初的进入石油公关担任守队队员。 二零零五年12月,日本三菱瓦斯化学作用株式会社里格王朝梓潼能源股票有限公司在中国1971四川平底锅梓潼区块汽油找矿开文章,和约的百分之十。 发生几年在中国1971的经纪,帝国能源曾经特别的熟识中国1971了、法度、开化与任务围绕,安排权力大的的事情联系电力网。 倾向于那些的想在这时跳动的交易中起作用的机构出资者来说,王朝能源也变为任一与众不同的的战术授予。